Solar Panel Maintenance

Keep your system generating the maximum possible output all year round

  • Licenced and qualified tradesman

  • Only high quality materials and cleaners used

  • Safety checks and inspections

Your solar panels can only operate at maximum performance if they’re clean. Dirt, leaves, bird droppings and built-up grime from smoke or pollution can reduce the output of your panels. And this means you’re leaving potential rebates on the table and paying higher than necessary power bills.

Ultimate Solar can get the job done quickly and safely. Our knowledge of how to care for solar panels and the safety equipment we use ensures that it’s a job well done.

Don’t take the risk of DIY solar panel cleaning – you need the right material, cleaning agents and safety equipment. 2 storey homes are no problem!

Your panels start to lose efficiency with every season as dust and debris builds up.

Chat to our friendly team about how to get the most from your system! …You cal also ask us about window cleaning while we’re at it!